한국어는 이쪽

My native language is Korean.

Here, I will choose Korean or English depending on the purpose and situation of the post. And, I will try to use words that the translator app can easily translate as much as possible. (Even if that results in a somewhat bot-like appearance!)

Also, for classification purposes, we will use #HyaTalkPostInEnglish or #HyaTalkPostInKorean hashtags.

In the past, when I created a new blog, I thought I would want to only use English. I thought that using English would give me more opportunities to meet many people. Besides, I enjoy using new things. Using and practicing a foreign language gives me a lot of satisfaction.

But in the past few years, I've gained a lot of good knowledge about Unreal Engine from blogs written in Chinese and Japanese. I've seen quite a few people talking about it or introducing and referring to it in English. I think it was possible based on translation apps. This experience changed my thinking about the language I would use here.

I think my native language is much better for motivation, when I use a foreign language, I hesitate a lot, and it costs me more than when I use my native language.

I am aware that desiring the correct use of language can create a kind of power structure. But something in me wants to be a better language user, too. So I will welcome any advice on my language. But I also recognize that, in many cases, your Korean is probably worse than mine, so I hope we don't get too aggressive with each other about this. :)